Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Beautiful Walkways #1 - Regent Canal

Pathways in varied hues of green, boats cruising the duckweed laden canal, warmth of the sunshine and the oozing charm of the people enjoying their daily jog/ walk. It is a kind of London I have never seen before, and I am totally smitten by the laid back aura of this part of the city leading to Little Venice.

It’s this walkway that brought in me the thought of finding many more such ones in the city of London and around the world ... And the idea of introducing the ‘Beautiful walkway’ series in this blog.

One of my favourite forms of exercise outdoors is walk/jog and the best way to get me to do it is the walking route itself, and I love finding these in every city I call home (be it a short stay of few weeks or the ones where I have lived most part of my life)…

Of the many to come in this series, I discovered this walkway along Reagent’s canal when on a lazy Sunday afternoon while returning from my first visit to Primrose hill. With time in hand and no one waiting for my arrival I decided to walk to Little Venice which was about 30 min. walk from Primrose hill, that’s when I chanced upon this serene walkway… Quaint, charming and oh so green! Just the kind of place that will make you feel at peace with oneself despite all the worries.

Ideal for walking/ jogging and cycling.

Which is your most favourite walkway in London/ the place of your choice.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


An island off the mainland Singapore, with every bit of it that spells fun and adventure!

This wasn't my first time to Sentosa. I had been there once during a family vacation to Singapore almost 8 years ago. Looking back at my experience then and now, every attraction in this man made fun zone is a new one except for may be the siloso beach.

Unlike my previous visit, this time I was all by myself with a day fun adult pass that costs about $70+ offering upto 20 must try attractions in the island and they all seemed a lot of fun.

It was a pleasant day in comparison to the usual tropical weather in Singapore and I was in my self splurge mode being able to spend all the time in hand on the doing the stuff I really enjoy. It had been this way for close to three weeks now (except for my time at work) and another month or so to go as I was on a 2 month long work trip to Singapore.

 Sentosa Merlion, Cable car and a bicycle ride later while I was looking for the route to my next attraction in the list I came across another chap who was equally lost as me and the best thought was that we decided to experience the remaining attractions together (then, with the only thought was to be able to have each other's pictures clicked at ease and not having to look for someone to photograph you everytime - especially in places like the trick eye museum). But, it turned out that our friendship started at Sentosa. I have heard Solo travel acquaints one with locals, people who enjoy similar interest as you but this happened to be my first encounter.

I spent the rest of my day getting entertained at the 4D theatres (Desparados in 4D was amazing), SEA aquarium, Trick eye museum, Segway ride, Butterfly park, Sky tower to get a view of Singapore and the neighbouring islands, Madame Tussauds and water activities by the beach.

Trick eye museum

Sentosa's range of fun filled activities can leave every visitor smiling at the end of their visit. In my case, I just happened to be wanting for more and the very next month, this time to Universal Studios with a bunch of friends.

Like the case it has always been, my favourite amongst the whole bunch of activities and entertainment was the light and water show - Wings of Time. Splendid !  I also enjoyed my time at the trick eye museum, it is one of a kind and also my first ever segway ride.

On my next trip to Sentosa, I will look forward to exploring more of Resorts world. What has been your favourite getaway from Singapore for a day/ weekend trip?

Saturday, 30 April 2016

My evenings in Singapore were never the same ...

The city has numerous things to do on any regular day. So every evening after work I was left with variety of options (dining, shopping, watching a live show, take a stroll around the locality or generally people watch or visit a touristy place). And in each of the said options there were always a bunch of favourites to choose from.

In my first week in the city, I spent most of my available time visiting the popular places and looking out for places in my locality where I can spend time after work in the coming days without having to travel much.

 My first touristy stop over was at the Promenade, to take a look at the city's two very prominent landmarks - Merlion park and The Marina Sands Bay, that spells the Island nation's skyline. It is one of nicer places in the city to take an evening walk along the river (my love for cities with river continue).

Around Esplanade is Theatres by the bay, home to variety of cultural events in the city. I got a chance to witness a fun musical evening by the Jeep Band on one Friday evening during an evening walk in the open air amphitheatre with the backdrop of the Singapore river and the central business district on a Friday evening during one of my evening walks. The city is as serious about its entertainment as much as it is about cleanliness, work and other serious stuff.

I also got introduced to a live circus performance of the Totem show by the world famous Cirque du Soleil circus group in the grounds of Marina Bay Sands. It was an almost 2 hour long show and I was hooked.

    Image: from Google

In addition to the city's promising cultural experiences are its own unique experiences that I feel every visitor should plan to experience.. Of the many such experiences, few of my favourites were shopping in Orchard street and Marina Bay Sands or at the least people watch and enjoy some local food, temple visits and Indian food from little India and walk down China town to immerse in some art and architecture that is unique to the place and its people..



Travelling alone, experiencing a new place was a little weird to start with, but with time (in not more than an hour) I actually started experiencing my favourite things at my own pace.

Travelling alone also gave me a chance to interact with fellow travellers / locals much more than I would otherwise when travelling with my group of friends or family. I made new friends, explored places that are a favourite with locals and most importantly felt a lot more confident of living by myself in a new place :)

Sunday, 24 January 2016

My Singapore sojourn

Singapore makes me nostalgic with memories I have from my first family trip abroad 8 years ago, which also paved for me to start this travel blog. In all these years one thing that remains unchanged for me, is the way people, place and food inspire and my love to share them here ...

My work takes me across the globe, which I am very thankful for :) and the one thing I have realised in my past few trips is that I have a thing for cities with rivers running through them as I feel the river adds a lot more charm to the ever rising concrete, steel and glass structures.

Clarke Quay by the day - during my morning walk

Colorful windows by Clarke Quay

A performance by the water front is a lot more relaxing ... Here is one by the jeep band on a Friday evening by the Esplanade.


And my all time favourite city skyline click by the river.

And the many times I dined alfresco by the river by myself or with friends which make time standstill. I for some reason did not take the river taxi in the Singapore river, will probably keep it for my next visit.

Do you enjoy cities with rivers too ?? Would love to hear your experience.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Making beautiful memories around the world ...

I am happy to be back here to share my experiences and adventures from my past year - the thought of which will bring about a huge smile on my face and fond memories with some of the best people that I will always cherish.

I was just super busy, making beautiful memories around the world with some of my best people :) :)

Look forward to travel stories from across seas, atop mountains, a midst frozen lake and buzzing cities. 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Market Walk #1 - Food Street - Camden Town

Wherever I go, my love for good food follows J Good company, good food, easy on the wallet shopping, an evening boat ride on river Thames summarized my start to the weekend.

On a Saturday early noon, we headed out to Camden Market about a 20 min tube ride from Canary Wharf - where we stay. Camden has been the centre of alternative culture in London be it punk, Goth or hippie and you can see oodles of it as you walk through the Camden market place.

But what interested me most was the variety of food from around the globe, whole lot of food stuff that I love ranging from Tex mex food, Oriental, Indian, Mediteranean and much much more...
Oh! Did I forget mentioning about the fun filled street performances that you will always walk past while you are at Camden. This place is full of life!
Our first stop over was at Tex Mex outlet that servers one of the best food at Camden market, we gorged into some yummy Enchilladas and Buritos filled with vegetables and beans flavoured with not so spicy sauces *slurp*, followed by Pizza, icecream, lemoanade, Donuts, waffle dressed with chocolate, strawberry and cream ..(creating this post makes me want to visit Camden yet again) . It has been 3 weeks in London till now and I have visited Camden market for its food twice already.


In between the food marathon, we checked out the quaint shops that line up the market selling quirky souvenieurs, t-shirts printed with the pictures of ‘places London is famous for’ (I especially loved these ones), goth styled dresses, goth styled make over studio (which seemed quite interesting but none of us were in a mood for it).

After all the shopping around and eating we quenched out thirst with a glass of chill freshly squeezed orange juice J Now you know, why I really love this place ?

My favourite stall in the whole of Camden market - Fresh and Refreshing !
London has many interesting markets, each with a speciality of its own. I have decided on starting a Market Walk series in my travel blog to experience the flavours and culture of various markets from around the world. You just read my first post in the Market Walk series.

Let me know your favourite market in London / Europe ?

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Namaste London !

Happy weekend from London!

It has been a while since I updated my travelogue, the moving around, settling down and all other things that come with moving into a new city has kept me busy the last few weeks.

Travelling to a big city and visiting all touristy places is very different from living in one. For many years now, I have been looking for an opportunity to live by myself for atleast a month or two in a new place where I have never been to before and my wishes came true when I was got seconded to the UK three weeks back by my employer. London is going to be my home for the next 6 months and I am gladly looking forward to it.
The very next day I landed here, I got my Oyster pass made which will help me travel the length and breadth of the city via their public transport system (underground rail, DLR, bus and also the ferry service in a few routes).
We were welcomed to a very pleasant weather in London the day we landed, our happinness however didn't last long when we woke up to a rain Sunday morning with plans to travel to the Notting hill carnival,  which despite delays we reached the event and had a gala time.

Look forward to a whole lot of travel posts from in and around London in the coming days :)

Have you visited London or the places around it ? Where did you have your best time in London, let me know your favourite places. You never know, it could turn out be my  favourite as well !