Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Changi Aiport

There I was finally at the Changi Airport in Singapore. It took us more than an hour to leave the airport after picking up our baggages and going through the immigration procedures. The airport was a world of its own with so many branded stores , hotels and what not. We didnt spend much time looking around the airport, thought we will have a look at it on the day of our return flight.

Entrance of Changi Airport

There were two things that amazed me even before I could get into the cab, one was the travelator in the airport - thou it wasn't anything great it was the first time I was seeing a moving platform :) .And the other thing was the discipline that was followed by everyone startin from the cab drivers ( They queue up in front of the airport exit point and as passengers come they come one by one , they jus get into the cab that arrives - no bargains, no changing of cabs ) . Most of the cab drivers I came across were very friendlya nd always willing to say stories about singapore. they were all proud that they belonged there.. That's one nice feeling.

We boarded the cab and left straight to THE SHA VILLA (earlier known as the Regilas court) where we had booked for our stay. It is a small 40 roomed boutique hotel located at the Lloyds road, very close to Orchard road (the shopper's paradise). This hotel was a neat and clean one with no frills attached, where you can have a good night's sleep and enjoy your complimentary breakfast. It is run by the Singapore hotels Association (SHA) . The people at the hotel are very friendly and they genuinely want to serve their guests. Most of them looked like studentsundergoing their training.


The room we stayed

A view from our hotel


Vasanthan said...

when i was around 5 years old i ran on one of those travelators, fell and got my hair stuck. some parts of my hair was ripped off my head. not a bad injury but something i remember till date.

the worst part was everyone was saying how much i deserved the fall for running around in the airport.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


That's sad. Hope it didn't injure you much. With what everyone else had said, it looks like you've been a very naughty kid ;)

Anonymous said...

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This airport is a great architectonic oeuvre, I wonder why you don't post more pics of this incredible place.