Friday, 8 August 2008

Jurong Bird Park

Jurong bird park is one of world's biggest bird park with over 9000 birds belonging to 600 species. The journey took us almost half hour to 45mins by MRT and bus. This was our first time we were travelling in a public transport in Singapore. This actually helped us get closer to the place . The MRT s during the peak times(in the morning and evening )are usually crowded . We got an ez-link card to travel using the public transport, something abt the ez-link card fascinated me that I brought it along with me :)

Bus depot, before hoping on to our bus to Jurong

Atlast we were there to meet our feathered friends .

We took the mono rail to go around the park . Apart from jus' viewing the birds, the park has a lot of other things like the birds of prey show, birds and buddies show and a lot more. We also got to feed the lorries , thou I was initially scared about the birds sitting on my hand, later it turned out to be fun :)
Feeding the lories

Scarlet Ibises


At the Birds and Buddies show

At the Fuji Hawk Show

I don know what these are called, but they were HUGE

Me with the parakeets :)
This was my first experience to get upclose and personal with birds and loved everybit of it. It is one of the sine qua non place if you visit singapore


Ria said...

beautiful pictures gurl!loved them absolutely. :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thank you so much! :)

Alok said...

Wow! I guess that must be a great experience exploring Singapore with those amazingly beautiful birds :)

You have taken some beautiful pictures. Keep it up.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Yup, it was a great experience indeed :)

Thank you so much! :)

Vasanthan said...

the big birds you said are Storks. but i don't know which kind. i am not a bird watcher.

Kalpana said...

I too had a memorable experience when I visited Singapore... Even have a pic with birds...:)

ShantanuDas said...

Not storks.. they are pelicans.. (or maybe pelicans are of stork species. you can check that).. and there are different types of pelicans.. do a google image search and you will know..!

Hmmm!1 I have been to singapore twice!! I do not know how I missed this place, when I have been to all others! Shucks!!

And as usual I can see you are also a budding travelogue writer. You have taken pains to do background checks on the places and have written something..[maybe I can link my photos to your travelogue when they talk of the same places!!]

Vasanthan said...

ShantanuDas: those are definitely not pelicans, cos pelicans are far bigger found at beaches(salt water) and their legs are much bigger.
in size they are almost twice or thrice the size of storks

Sagari said...

nice pics shalini

Sondra said...

Interesting to know.

Known Stranger said...

hey you missed those big lotus leaves that will be near that boat house/ power house in lake. In another blog of mine through3rdeye.blogspot i posted it . I guess i posted or will be in my orkut page. This blog bring nostalgia to me. I miss my days in south east asia.

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