Monday, 29 December 2008

My list of places to see before I die..

Wonder why i've been doing a lot of thinking about travel and new destinations , may be it's the hangover after reading a lot of travelogues and watching travel channel for hours together or may be jus' due to the excitement of my upcoming Jaipur trip :)

Los Angeles
Las Vegas
New York City
(The whole of USA)
Jaipur ( will soon be striked off the list)
Rio de Janerio
Gran Canaria
Disney Land
Taj Mahal

I'm sure there will be a lot more places that will add to the list in coming times :). The striked ones are those that I've already been to.
What is your list of must visit places??

Friday, 26 December 2008

Goa - Bengaluru (Bangalore)

We boarded our train late evening on Day 3, it was approximately a 15 hour journey and we reached Bangalore the following day. We hardly had a few hours in hand before catching our traing back to Chennai the same day night. even before the train landed we started making plans for the few hours we had - the plans ranged from Shopping to Wonder la (theme park) , jus' chilling out ...

We checked into a budget hotel (Pawana) which was close to the Yeshwanthpur train station. After refreshing ourselves and hogging our lunch we decided to go shopping as a visit to the theme park seemed impossible with our limited time in hand.

We shopped at Commercial street and one other place (I don' really remember the name)where I got a nice T-shirt and Alladin pants :) Later on, we walked to the nearby Garuda Mall did a little bit of Window shopping , snacked and had fun at the horror house - was atleast scary enough for me *sigh*

Before we set to get back to our hotel to back the stuffs we shopped we planned to drop by Amoeba - a sports bar where we decided to play a game of bowling and chill out for sometime :)

Oh yea, how can I forget those yummy patries at Barista :p

We had to get back , as it was time for our train back home - This is when we were at our adventurist best , we lost our way back to the hotel thou' we knew it was close to the bus terminus we didn't really know which side of the terminus it was . It took us a whole 30 mins of walking around and a 5min. journey in an auto to get back to our hotel :) (Thanks krithi for reminding me to add the adventure part ;))

What a trip it was , each one of us had so much fun in our own way :)

Friday, 19 December 2008

Unwinding at Goa - Day 3

This day fortunately or unfortunately turned out to be Bandh ( as in the whole city was shut off) no shops, no companies, no buses due to various reasons. This was the day we had actually planned to visit the Institue of Oceanography. So, our Industrial visit has turned into a college tour :)

We also didn't have any other option than staying in our resort. It was also the day we had planned to vacate the rooms but couldn't so had to move into another room slightly bigger than our previous one with more people in this time (almost a dozen).

This is what happens when we girls occupy the bed :D

After shifting rooms and letting go ourselves for a couple of hours we went to check out the restaurant at our resort. This time on we had planned to taste some Goan cuisine. Me being a veggie didn't really have much of a choice but the one I tried out was really Yum!

This is dish here is some Vindaloo( made out of baby potatoes) which I tried out.

These are some fish and chicken treats from the Hawaii of India :)

After treating our taste buds to some authentic goan stuff it was time for Good bye Goa and Hello Bengaluru (Bangalore) . On our way to the Vasco train station we shopped for cashews to take back home as they are quite popular in Goa .

Monday, 8 December 2008

Cruising the Arabian Sea - Day 2

On the later part of the second day after enjoying an evening along the shores of the silent backwaters , we went on a ship "SWASTIK" crusing along the Arabian Sea .

The ship had three floors , 1st floor was the disc where we grovved to some peppy music , the first floor had a cafe where one could indulge in after all the fun and the top floor gaves us panaromic views of the sea , shore and other cruise ships , here we were treated to some lovely goan culture through a traditional goan dance and a portugese dance :) Very colorful it was ..

After getting back from the cruise we headed to our resort for dinner , after a sumptuos meal we headed to the beach to spend the night there chatting, chatting and more chatting . Finally reached our resort in the wee hours of morning . Well.. It's always fun when freinds are around :)