Monday, 29 December 2008

My list of places to see before I die..

Wonder why i've been doing a lot of thinking about travel and new destinations , may be it's the hangover after reading a lot of travelogues and watching travel channel for hours together or may be jus' due to the excitement of my upcoming Jaipur trip :)

Los Angeles
Las Vegas
New York City
(The whole of USA)
Jaipur ( will soon be striked off the list)
Rio de Janerio
Gran Canaria
Disney Land
Taj Mahal

I'm sure there will be a lot more places that will add to the list in coming times :). The striked ones are those that I've already been to.
What is your list of must visit places??


GMG said...

Hi Shalini! Great blog you have here! Loved to see the pictures of the trip to Goa!
Wish you a great 2009 with lots of travel so that you may strike a lot on your list... ;)) But you have to add Portugal to it! ;))

Ramana KV said...

Hee.. That's a long list.. I guess you have to get packing now.. :)

My list.. Hah.. If it's the death that's prompting to do all this traveling, I wish I would never die.. :)

Jaipur is a nice place unless it's summer time.. Been there once for a day.. Have a good time..

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thank you so much :) Will surely add portugal on to my list.

Thanks for dropping by, will visit your space soon :) You have a great New year too!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Oh well, I would love to pack my bags right away and start to explore if only I could :)

Good to hear that about Jaipur, will share my experience once I'm back from my trip.

alok said...

That is an interesting list. Yep! you are right the list is ever increasing. I would surely put “Leh & Ladakh” as my most favorite destination :)

- Happy Traveling

krithi said...

hey!! jaipur is really a cool place hope u have fun but be sure to take ur coolers and cap cause it might get a little too hot there.. and hey don forget to visit Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal. They'r the important places ther. have a good guide with u. and yeh do buy some artifacts (which jaipur is famous for).

vaish said...

it's such a long list!!!
start travellin right now!!!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Absolutely, I've heard Ladhak is a very beautiful place. Probably I might want to add it to my list too.

Thanks for dropping by. Will visit your space soon :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thanks dear for those caring advices :) I'm done with my packing and have took my coolers and cap as well..

Yup, the places you've mentioned is there on my list too. Will write about them once I'm back.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


I would love to do that anytime if not for these dreaded studies *sigh*

Anonymous said...

That made me smile! Fortunately, there are more places in this world that we can find time for. You may want to buy that book called '1000 places to visit before you die' - you are young enough to make an attempt. :)

AdiL - The Caliph said...

nice list u got there..
seems like u've loved coorg.
n which disney land u talkin about?!
And u should want to go to the north east. and this place in south america called machu pichu.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


I will consider your suggestions :) I would love to see the disneyland in US as well as Hong Kong. Yup, coorg was a great place especially Orange county resort where we had stayed.

Thanks for dropping by, will visit your space soon :)

ShantanuDas said...

Hi.. what happenned to your Jaipur Trip?

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

@Shantanu Das

It will shortly be up. I jus' got done with my exams today :)

Shantanu Das said...

Aww Exams!! u do not need to study!! :-) U will do great always!

Renu said...

my list is the same as yours, esxcept that I have seen some more and few are left only like turkey, spain, simla,ezypt,dubai,maldives etc

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thats nice :) Wishing you lots of happy travel memories in your life :)

Thanks for dropping by my space, will visit yours soon :)

Maddy said...

oh! Dubai is in your list. Let me know whenever you are coming Kuttiponne

Aditya said...

I went through your blog... but just took a flight instead of a train... glimpsed it through...
Few places visited but a very thorough travelogue!! I like this blog very much and will surely read thru it sooner than later..

Shalini! Way to go :)

If you are a true travel enthu person like me, id recommend you register and track your travels on

You could read abt me and my travels on my blog

Hope to hear back from you :)

Keep traveling!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Yup, sure I will do that :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


That looks like a pretty good idea:) I'll get that book at the earliest :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thanks for dropping by my space. It's a delight to hear from travel enthusaists like you.

Will get myself registered at soon and yea will be there at your space right away :)

Hope to seeing you here more often :)