Friday, 19 December 2008

Unwinding at Goa - Day 3

This day fortunately or unfortunately turned out to be Bandh ( as in the whole city was shut off) no shops, no companies, no buses due to various reasons. This was the day we had actually planned to visit the Institue of Oceanography. So, our Industrial visit has turned into a college tour :)

We also didn't have any other option than staying in our resort. It was also the day we had planned to vacate the rooms but couldn't so had to move into another room slightly bigger than our previous one with more people in this time (almost a dozen).

This is what happens when we girls occupy the bed :D

After shifting rooms and letting go ourselves for a couple of hours we went to check out the restaurant at our resort. This time on we had planned to taste some Goan cuisine. Me being a veggie didn't really have much of a choice but the one I tried out was really Yum!

This is dish here is some Vindaloo( made out of baby potatoes) which I tried out.

These are some fish and chicken treats from the Hawaii of India :)

After treating our taste buds to some authentic goan stuff it was time for Good bye Goa and Hello Bengaluru (Bangalore) . On our way to the Vasco train station we shopped for cashews to take back home as they are quite popular in Goa .


Ramana KV said...

All the fun in an industrial visit!!! Am surprised.. I was all the way thinking it was a tour..

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Yup, this was our so called Industrial visit. We had planned the industrial visit for a few hours in our entire 6 day journey. But, guess we were entiled to have fun in those few hours too :)

Ravi Kumar said...

awesome food...Goa is so close to my heart!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Now your blog too is in my radar!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

@Ravi Kumar

Glad to know you like Goa too :) Thanks for dropping by my space. stay in touch:)

Anonymous said...

Being a hardcore carnivore, I haven't even noticed Goan veggie dishes. Of course, they have desserts - bebinca and dodol, which are pretty yummy and unique.

edson_dias said...

have you tried chicken cafreal in goa? what about cashew feni?

Vasanthan said...

i don know much about Goa but, i know that Goa Fish is very very nice.

as for the girls in room part. yeah i have a fair share too. mine was when we were camping out. the tents that the girls build got blown down by the wind. so we gave them our tents and the guys slept outside, letting the mosquitoes murder us.