Friday, 5 June 2009

It was time for Khanna ..

I have always loved good food and authentic food always excites me though I am not a great eater. After hearing loads of things on a good note about Rajasthani food especially their generosity in adding pure ghee to food items I was not surprised when my Thali (the traditional plate containg all the food items) was placed before me.

With my guide's suggestion we went to this really popular restaurant (Lakshmi Rajasthan Bhandar or more fondly called teh LMB Restaurant by the localites) that served traditional rajasthani cuisine.

I loved the churma(it was a sweet dish). Dal Baati and Churma are delecacies that are prepared only on special occasions. I was feeling more than full by the time I could taste jus a couple of dishes. I loved the taste thou' .

One interesting fact I came across was that since Rajasthan was a dry land and since they had to store food items for a long time as the land was also not suitable for vegetaion , most of their food preperation was out of dal and other pulses that can be stored for a very long time.

On the way back after a sumptuous meal, we planned to visit a store selling blue pottery goods and somewhere close to Jal mahal I saw a series of shops selling memerobilia. When I got there to select a few articles to take back home I found a man selling namkeens that was so aristically arranged :) He infact refused to let me take a picture of it, but later he was sweet enough to voluntarily came up to me asking if I wanted to take a picture :)

This land is indeed very colorful ;)


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