Friday, 13 November 2009

Our 2 day stay at Khem Villa, Ranthambore

Our next stint after Jaipur was at Ranthambore . This place is widely popular for its tiger reserve and thats the reason we were there too! We stayed at a place called Khem Villa, a family owned property run by a couple who were truly passionate about what they were doing and loved connecting with their guests ..
Pics enroute to Ranthambore

Everything here was natural , the eco tourism kind. This place had 3 kind accomadation the standard rooms , tents and villas and we opted for the tent. Inspite of the chill weather which made me fell ick at the end of the day .. I still don' regret having choosen the tent .. It was fun in a different way :)

The campus in which Khem villa was had its own beautiful garden with papaya trees (from which we got to eat papaya for our breakfast next morning) , mari gold and other beautiful flowers whose names I have no clue about.

The food served there was totally home grown right from the vegetables to grains .. The place also had a quaint library with a small collection of books on various topics.

The evening saw all the guests and the owners of the property get together over a camp fire, that was warm - literally (with the weather getting too cold in the night) and the owners connecting with the guests.
That's when we came to knw that there was a tiger visitor to the property couple of days ago to a far off lake adjacent to the property . Ah! wish we were there then ..

In between all of these happened our safari into the forest , which deserves a post by itself :)


Vasanthan said...

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btw this place is great!

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Thank you so much :)

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Good To know you enjoyed the Rajasthsn.

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