Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Safari at Ranthambore

We started of with the safari right after our lunch at around 2pm . The canter arrived at Khem Villa . We were advised to carry a bottle of water and some warm clothing to protect us from the chills as the place starts getting really cold by the evening.
After around 10mins we were entering Ranthambore national park ,around 15 -20 of us in a canter and there were a few more canters that started into the national park along with ours. In the entry to the national park, they were selling few souvenieur merchandise - we got a couple of t-shirts , like the way I always do whereever we go.

Our journey into the Ranthambore national park and back was pretty long. I had expected it to last for may be 2 hours but it extended to more than 4 hours. Neverthless, it was a fun filled adventure.
Ranthambore national park spreads across an area of 400 with a huge variety of Flora and fauna. The national park is divided into 4 sectors and the tourists are allowed to visit only 2 sectors. Ranthambore is open for visitors from October to May of every year.
Around 15mins into the park and we spotted the first aimal , a deer and that was jus' the beggining and along the journey we spotted a handful of animals and birds - various kinds of deer, spotted, samba, boar, peacock, tiger's dentist, pelican ....

We came across a huge water body where the many canters that started pulled down as they heard some kind of noise from the forest and we were told we could spot a tiger coming to the water body very soon. That got all of us waiting in hushed silence , yup no noises .. silence please!

With the binoculars out of the bag, camera s in hand, out of the seat standing high in the canter, with photographers out with their huge cameras and tripod stand .. we were all waiting this way (Tiger watching) for close to an hour and trust me it wasn't boring. And little more thana n hour we waited but couldn spot any tiger. Then we came to know for the couple who had come form Netherland who was in our canter , it was their 2nd safari in a day and they still didn't spot the tiger either *sigh*.

It was time for us to get back. On our way back, a few mins after staring from the tiger watching spot , the wheel of our cnter got stuck in a marshy area. After almost half hour of pushing, pulling and trying out all kinda techniques we were finally on our way back.

We also got to watch the sunset at Ranthambore which made me really happy. I for some odd reason always happen to like sky photography :) .

Thou' it was a lil disappointing as we couldn't catch a glimpse of a tiger but it was a very memorable safari into the forest.


karthik s said...

nice pics.. :) no wonder u made it to the top 12.. it has to be cos of your pics.. :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


he he .. Thanks! :)


beuutiful pics. My cousin was working in one of the hotel there. I should have visited him.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thank you! It would have been an ideal time to visit with your cousin working there, but neverthless it still will turn out to be a worthwile trip if your planning to visit this place :)

Anita Mcpherson said...
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Pl visit.
the entire region is going to disapper in next 2 yrs under the water after the Middle Vaitanrna Dam is build

shox said...
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Swathi said...

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