Sunday, 27 December 2009

The last evening in Jaipur - City palace and Rambagh palace

It was one of the evening that I was most looking forward to, not because it was our last day there I totally loved Jaipur. It was for the only reason that we were gonna dine at Rambagh palace that evening. What a way to end the trip :)

But before that we had planned to visit the city palace - the seat of the Maharaja of Jaipur. This place has a number of buildings that seve variuos purposes. We got to see the Dharbar kinda place where the ministers gather to look upon any issues or to make any judgement. It was more like the court of yester years.

City Palace - Jaipur

There also was an exhibition of paintings and other art works in a few halls in the palace , the works were so very artistically done. City palace is also home to the largest (heaviest) silver ware in the world .

For once in my trip I truly wanted to experience Jaipur in the royal rajasthan way, so when it was decided that we were to dine at Rambagh palace even my cold and fever couldnt stop me from getting dressed up in a finely sequined salwar suit and pair it with finely embellished jutas I got from Jaipur and I was all set.. :)

Loved the grandeur and royalty of the place , I know little of the historic connections to the place but I jus' know that Queen Gayatri Devi lived there when we visited a year ago (but she is no more) and a part of the palace has been converted into a hotel by the Taj Group. This was enough to se me gleaming my way through the paths of Rambagh palace.
We arrived at the place late evening and got to witness some traditional music and dance show by the folk artists. And then it was time to head to dinner. The service was too good, one of the best in the country :) .

Loved every bit of my time at Rambagh palace , I wasn't allowed to take pics of the restaurant once guests started coming in *sigh* :)

Friday, 11 December 2009

Le Meridien - Jaipur

We had almost a day left in Jaipur after our arrival from Ranthambore. This time over we had booked to stay in Le Meridien, Jaipur (it was a time when I was highly influenced by the hotel show in Travel channel :) , so wanted to check out as many hotels as possible)

The hotel so looked like a palace by itself both with its exteriors as well as interiors in contrary to Rajputana Sheraton where we had stayed previously which was more contemporary in its outlook. But, both has its own charm . I couldn' spend much time in Le Meridien since it was only a day stay and we had plans to explore the pink city a little more , in addition to it all I was down with cold.

These were my findings of the hotel in the few hours that we were there .. they have got beutiful lush gardens and they hold a barbeque evening there I suppose with traditional Rajasthani music and dance to entertain their guests .. there were also some puppet shows .. I jus' got a glimpse of all these on my return to the hotel in the night after visiting the sinequanon places that we sure didn't wanna miss during our trip.