Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Travel offers

My vacation is around the corner, in fact a real long one this time which might even last for over a month .. There are a number of trips being planned .. one with family and the other with a bunch of friends from university.

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Orbitz coupons are available for hotels across various categories and travel tickets, across many locations.These coupons are valid for a particular period of time, so I suggest you use them to your benefit soon and that's not all , the website gets loaded with new offer coupons almost everyday. I'm sure this would be a great way to celebrate the holiday spirit in a fun way.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Up close and personal with the elephants

This was my first up close and personal encounter with elephants. Never before have I seen so many elephants of different sizes around me. There were almost couple of dozens of them. It was at the Dubare elephant camp at Coorg.

This place was the highlight of our trip to Coorg during the summer of 2005. Since its almost 5 years now, I will try my best to recollect as much possible.

We were at Dubare by around 9am - we made sure we were there on time as we were told we could feed the elephants breakfast if we make it there on time. So, we didnt want to miss the opportunity.

We were dropped at a place which was seperated from Dubare by river cauvery, we took a steam boat to reach the elephant camp. As our boat moved closer to Dubare we passed elephants bathing in the river - the visitors were allowed to bath the elephants too and to our surprise there was a huge queue to lay their hands on the elephant. I was scared then, but was excited to take a pic of my dad bathing the elephant.

The Dubare elephant camp is home to around 150 elephants and we were explained in detail about the elephant's activities and their behaviour in detail. (I will try uploading the video of it, if possible)

Visitors were also allowed to feed the elephants with huge balls made out of rice and various other substances that was provided at the camp. One can also take a ride onto the jungle on the elephant with the mahout accompanying you. Though we didnt opt to do this, I heard it completes the trip to Dubare. There also is a water rafting place very close to Dubare.


I was told that it is better to run downhill rather than going uphill in cases when being chased by an elephant.

I would like to hear your experiences at Dubare as well. I could recollect a handful of info since it had been a real long time. I hope the pictures suffice to it.