Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Travel offers

My vacation is around the corner, in fact a real long one this time which might even last for over a month .. There are a number of trips being planned .. one with family and the other with a bunch of friends from university.

These trips are indeed the fun part of my holidays always and if you get an offer in your travel ticket or accommodation or food, it just is the icing on the cake .. This is exactly what Orbitz do. Orbitz is a leading online travel company which offers great deals with their orbitz coupon to travelers of all kinds .. leisure, business etc. making the whole experience lighter on your pocket.

Orbitz coupons are available for hotels across various categories and travel tickets, across many locations.These coupons are valid for a particular period of time, so I suggest you use them to your benefit soon and that's not all , the website gets loaded with new offer coupons almost everyday. I'm sure this would be a great way to celebrate the holiday spirit in a fun way.

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Swathi said...

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