Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Kerala Tales

When your flight lands in the runway admist cocunut grooves and banana plantations, when your drive to the hotel is along the Arabian coast line, you know for sure your in God's own country. This is my first visit to Trivandrum, the place is serene, relaxed and you sure don't want to come here on an official trip and miss doing all the touristy stuff.

Though my stay is for quite long, there is very little that I am going to get to know of the place this time, which is only wanting me to make a long holiday trip to this part of the country.

The walk into the techno park in itself feels more like walking into a serene college campus than into an IT park space. Thanks to the wonderful landscaping and lots of greens as far as my vision goes.

Even as I sip tea from the cafeteria in the fourth floor of the building, it feels more like sneaking a peek while climbing a mountain.

Beautiful sunsets, long stretches of beach, friendly people and most of all the slow paced lifestyle is few of the many things that add to the charm of this little town in the south west of India.

As I draft this post I see the first thunder showers of the south west monsoon setting in from my room window.