Saturday, 14 December 2013

Day 2 - San Antonio, Texas

We had planned a day long activity to drive down from Houston -  visit the sea world at San Antonio - explore the city - Get back to Houston by night.

It was about 3 - 4 hours drive from Houston. We drove past down town Houston and en-route we visited Buc-ees and the Market square (which had lines of shops selling curios customary to Mexico).

Buc-ees is a popular store among Texans and these stores are primarily located in the high ways.

And our next stop was at 'The Market square - El Marcado' which had a series of shops selling Mexican hats, souvenirs, food et all.. The entire place was so vibrant and full of life !

Gorditas filled with bean and cheese

And, we finally reached the Sea world at San Antonio which was about an hour drive from 'The Market square'. The place was flocked with families with kids. It was the first time I was getting up close with a dolphin, they are such lovely creatures you can never get bored of them.. We fed the dolphins with fishes that were sold at the venue as part of 'Feed the dolphins' program.

Feeding the dolphins, at the Sea world

After viewing some spectacular shows and a bit of souvenir shopping we headed to the the San Antonio river walk by evening, by which time the place was beautifully lit up. The quaint cafes and hotels bordering the river added charm to the entire setting. We took a walk around the park and took a boat ride in the river, with a guide explaining to a bunch of us about the history of the place and the importance of the San Antonio river. Just being there for couple of hours made me want to come back to the place to get to know more about it and stay there for a longer time.

After a beautiful day filled with some awesome memories, we headed back home after grabbing some quick dinner from Taco bell.

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