Sunday, 12 January 2014

Bonding over French cuisine, long walk and a Desi dinner at Houston

It was a relaxed last day at Houston before we packed our bags and headed to the west coast. We spent the morning at home chatting over bagels and pan cakes. My favourite breakfast during my stay at Houston were bagels and I still crave for them every now and then in Chennai and still have not found a place where I can find them here ..

Yummy Cheese bagel

Pancake and fruits for breakfast
After the american breakfast and getting done with packing our bags .. We left to dine at Le Madeleine -a French restaurant that was not very far away from home. Just like my first stint with the bagels, this was the first time I was giving authentic French cuisine a try .. thou' I have earlier tried Quiches and quite liked them.. This time over I enjoyed every bit of all the food we ordered.. The whole place was very laid back and I saw most of the customers spending their time enjoying the food with a book. 
I think we were the only large group in the restaurant.

Pumpkin Soup and Quiche

Salad, breads and Dessert
After the sumptuous french meal we headed to Kemah Board walk, an entertainment place on the waterfront. The place is filled with numerous shops, water front dining options and entertainments options of the kids and family. 

This place has a roller coaster made of wood that runs on wooden railings .. the noise it makes, made me decide not to hop on it. 

The whole place was breezy, we took a long walk, spotted birds, boats and spoke about how we can have some fun parties on these private boats et all ..

As the evening started to we headed back to our dinner destination for the day - Mogul and some ice cream at Marble slab creamery.

Sunset at Kemah Boardwalk

Indian Dinner at Mogul

Yummy Ice cream form Marble slab creamery

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