Saturday, 31 May 2014

Being a tourist in San Francisco for 8 hours

It was a bright and sunny day in Dublin, San Jose - it was what they call a typical Californian day with a clear blue sky. We were on our way to San Fracisco in the BART train.

On reaching SFO, we walked around union square for a bit checking out the big brands that have their stores around this place. SFO was unlike any city I had been until then, the population was very cosmopolitan yet it was not a very fast paced life .. And most important of all, it has a beautiful coastline, I instantly fell for the place. 

I totally believe, one gets to know a place best when explored on foot. So we decided to give the customary hop on hop off sightseeing bus a miss and decided to walk around union square, china town before heading to Amber for lunch.

Walking along union square

Few of the many items that were lined up in the stores in China town

The food was sumptuous and perfect adding to my already oh! so! perfect day. To me good food = happiness ! After the meal we walked to the union square and queued along with other travellers, excited to take a ride on the cable car. Until I reached this queue I was assuming to be taking a typical cable car ride (a cabin moving around in a cable much above ground level). These were much different in that sense, they were tram like vehicles moving along cabled rails in the road.

After getting to know the history behind the cable car, we waited eagerly for our chance to ride it. while we waited in the queue, I noticed other passengersin the cable car were more thrilled by taking a ride on the foot board, considering this was the only mode of transport in SFO were foot boarding was permitted unlike in India where we see this day in and day out in buses and sometimes in trains too ;) I rode the cable car on foot board too !

Waiting in the queue to ride the cable car

Clicked while foot boarding in the cable car ;)

After an almost 15 mins ride we got off and walked towards Lombard street - which supposedly is the world's crookedest street, and you need special skill to drive there. And walking down the street leads you to Ghirardelli square. The houses along this stretch is fabulous.

Lombard street - world's most crookedest street
Ghirardelli square is lively ! In addition to their famous chocolates, I would suggest each of you visiting the place to try out their ice creams. Their ice creams taste fresh and delicious and seem to be very popular with the locals. A walk inside Ghirardelli's facility give you a complete walk through of preparing a chocolate from bean to bar.

Walking along the coast line towards Fisherman's Wharf is beautiful, with famous bakeries and tiny stores selling quirky items. The sea lions at Pier 39 are fun to watch except for the not so pleasant smell.

Checking out the magician, hard rock cafe and the lefty's store at Pier 39 .. we settled in to munch on some crepes before we boarded out train back to Dublin for the night. Phew ! whatta fun filled happy day it was with the family :)


Ananya Tales said...

Nice post, Visited Sfo last december stayed there for 3 days it was fun!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

@Ananya - Thank you, SFO is a fun place :) Appreciate you dropping by my blog. Will look forward to seeing you more here.