Sunday, 11 May 2014

CALIFORNIA ! - Day 1 - San Jose

We took an early morning flight out of Houston to San Jose, and reached the city just before noon. Oh ya, did I say we had a transit through the airport in LA. I was surprised to see slot machines right in the airport.. I will probably go to LA one day, more about the place then ..

The only reason I love early morning flights - Beautiful colours

After being received by my uncle and aunt at the San Jose Oak aiport, we headed to their home which was our place of stay for the next couple of days. After a sumptuous Indian meal and discussing on the places we plan to visit in the next few days. We took a drive around the neighbour hood.

We drove through the Apple's one infinite loop campus at Cupertino, Silicon valley - crossing Google, Linkedin, Stanford and numerous other campuses before heading to Madras cafe. The place in and around Madras cafe was quite literally like a scene out of a quaint grocery store and quick eat udipi food place in Chennai - right from the way the place looked, to its smell filled with spices, grains etall and of course the people running the place.

Evening snack at Madras cafe

As we drove through the Stanford campus

We treated ourself to a variety of chaat for dinner that night at an Indian eatery.

Soul food !!

In case you are wondering why I am sticking on to eating Indian food despite me liking to try out the local cuisine of the place I visit, it is because of the fact that I know I am not going to get any Indian food for the next week or so. However, alien the place is as long as one gets to eat their soul food every thing else falls in place.


Empty Rucksack said...

San Jose mein bhi Indian eatery, they say it right.
You can take an indian out of india, but you can never take the india out of an indian.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

@Empty Rucksack - Ya, your right ! It is more like soul food. Despite being miles away from home, munching on desi food makes one feel so comforting :)