Sunday, 20 July 2014

Boston - New England - Fall Foliage

After touring the south central part of USA and the west coast, we landed in the east coast to experience the Fall foliage in the outskirts of Boston and experience the most populous, happening NYC.

First things first, Boston was the first city to welcome us in the East coast, it was a very cold welcome in every sense. Right from the weather at 12 degree Celsius - **I am a Chennaite and 12 degree C is very cold for us**, to the airport pick up shuttle from our hotel which was delayed and the creepy guy who was waiting next to the bus stop at the airport who followed us to our hotel in the hotel shuttle and then went on his own way. Phew ! thankfully he did.

We were more than glad when we reached our hotel  - Country Inn and Suites, Brockton. The hotel was over flowing with travellers from around the world. The rooms were neat, clean, spacious and the service - not bad.

We rested a bit and headed to the nearest train station to take a train to Quincy market. This market's history dates back to 1822, it is lined with shops selling all kind of knick knacks, souvenirs, food, clothing, art work and what not.. Did I forget to mention, that we devoured some yummy donuts from Dunkin' Donut before walking around Quincy market.

Donuts from Dunkin' Donuts

It was a great place to sink in to the local culture, people watch, eat some local food and enjoy the street shows. like the locals do.Our stint with Quincy market came to an end late evening when we decided to head back to our hotel. We decided on crashing early that day as we had planned to take a fall foliage tour the next morning :) Fall, was yet another reason for the hotel being so crowded.

People watching at Quincy Market

Street performer - He was awesome !

He made walking around the place musical with his drum beats.

For those of them who know me, will vouch for my abilities to sleep under any circumstance and oh so peacefully!, this only adds to my advantage when the weather is cold - I get to my hibernate mode. This can go on for hours or days. This is what happened to me the two days I was in Boston.

Next morning after our breakfast at the hotel, we began our fall foliage tour through Boston, New England, New Hampshire etc.

Fall colors were beautiful, met other travellers from various countries during the tour, relished pumpkin delicacies in family run restaurants by the country side, fell in love with bright coloured flowers. It was a beautiful day !


Renuka said...

Beautiful autumn foliage! I love it. :) England is my dream destination. Nice to have a fresh take on it from a blogger.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

@Renuka - Thank you :) New England indeed looks very beautiful in fall colours !