Monday, 29 September 2014

Market Walk #1 - Food Street - Camden Town

Wherever I go, my love for good food follows J Good company, good food, easy on the wallet shopping, an evening boat ride on river Thames summarized my start to the weekend.

On a Saturday early noon, we headed out to Camden Market about a 20 min tube ride from Canary Wharf - where we stay. Camden has been the centre of alternative culture in London be it punk, Goth or hippie and you can see oodles of it as you walk through the Camden market place.

But what interested me most was the variety of food from around the globe, whole lot of food stuff that I love ranging from Tex mex food, Oriental, Indian, Mediteranean and much much more...
Oh! Did I forget mentioning about the fun filled street performances that you will always walk past while you are at Camden. This place is full of life!
Our first stop over was at Tex Mex outlet that servers one of the best food at Camden market, we gorged into some yummy Enchilladas and Buritos filled with vegetables and beans flavoured with not so spicy sauces *slurp*, followed by Pizza, icecream, lemoanade, Donuts, waffle dressed with chocolate, strawberry and cream ..(creating this post makes me want to visit Camden yet again) . It has been 3 weeks in London till now and I have visited Camden market for its food twice already.


In between the food marathon, we checked out the quaint shops that line up the market selling quirky souvenieurs, t-shirts printed with the pictures of ‘places London is famous for’ (I especially loved these ones), goth styled dresses, goth styled make over studio (which seemed quite interesting but none of us were in a mood for it).

After all the shopping around and eating we quenched out thirst with a glass of chill freshly squeezed orange juice J Now you know, why I really love this place ?

My favourite stall in the whole of Camden market - Fresh and Refreshing !
London has many interesting markets, each with a speciality of its own. I have decided on starting a Market Walk series in my travel blog to experience the flavours and culture of various markets from around the world. You just read my first post in the Market Walk series.

Let me know your favourite market in London / Europe ?


Neha Sharma said...

The Waffles look so yummy!!

magiceye said...

A droolsome post!!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

@Neha Sharma - Yes, they were and it comes with a whole lot of topping options apart from the usual chocolate/ cream making it more delectable :)

@magiceye - This is just a glimpse into the never ending food scene at Camden. And being a vegetarian I have my own restrictions too!

Anonymous said...


Shalini said...

@Anonyumous - Do you want to try them :D what say?