Saturday, 30 April 2016

My evenings in Singapore were never the same ...

The city has numerous things to do on any regular day. So every evening after work I was left with variety of options (dining, shopping, watching a live show, take a stroll around the locality or generally people watch or visit a touristy place). And in each of the said options there were always a bunch of favourites to choose from.

In my first week in the city, I spent most of my available time visiting the popular places and looking out for places in my locality where I can spend time after work in the coming days without having to travel much.

 My first touristy stop over was at the Promenade, to take a look at the city's two very prominent landmarks - Merlion park and The Marina Sands Bay, that spells the Island nation's skyline. It is one of nicer places in the city to take an evening walk along the river (my love for cities with river continue).

Around Esplanade is Theatres by the bay, home to variety of cultural events in the city. I got a chance to witness a fun musical evening by the Jeep Band on one Friday evening during an evening walk in the open air amphitheatre with the backdrop of the Singapore river and the central business district on a Friday evening during one of my evening walks. The city is as serious about its entertainment as much as it is about cleanliness, work and other serious stuff.

I also got introduced to a live circus performance of the Totem show by the world famous Cirque du Soleil circus group in the grounds of Marina Bay Sands. It was an almost 2 hour long show and I was hooked.

    Image: from Google

In addition to the city's promising cultural experiences are its own unique experiences that I feel every visitor should plan to experience.. Of the many such experiences, few of my favourites were shopping in Orchard street and Marina Bay Sands or at the least people watch and enjoy some local food, temple visits and Indian food from little India and walk down China town to immerse in some art and architecture that is unique to the place and its people..



Travelling alone, experiencing a new place was a little weird to start with, but with time (in not more than an hour) I actually started experiencing my favourite things at my own pace.

Travelling alone also gave me a chance to interact with fellow travellers / locals much more than I would otherwise when travelling with my group of friends or family. I made new friends, explored places that are a favourite with locals and most importantly felt a lot more confident of living by myself in a new place :)


Jyotirmoy Sarkar said...

Enjoyed reading. Nice pics.

Arti said...

I could feel the atmosphere. I would love to take an evening walk by the river someday. Thanks for the wonderful write-up!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

@Jyotimoy Sarkar

Thank you for dropping by my blog :) Glad you like it!


Walk by the river is splendid both in the mornings and evenings :) Thanks Arti for your kind words.