Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Beautiful Walkways #1 - Regent Canal

Pathways in varied hues of green, boats cruising the duckweed laden canal, warmth of the sunshine and the oozing charm of the people enjoying their daily jog/ walk. It is a kind of London I have never seen before, and I am totally smitten by the laid back aura of this part of the city leading to Little Venice.

It’s this walkway that brought in me the thought of finding many more such ones in the city of London and around the world ... And the idea of introducing the ‘Beautiful walkway’ series in this blog.

One of my favourite forms of exercise outdoors is walk/jog and the best way to get me to do it is the walking route itself, and I love finding these in every city I call home (be it a short stay of few weeks or the ones where I have lived most part of my life)…

Of the many to come in this series, I discovered this walkway along Reagent’s canal when on a lazy Sunday afternoon while returning from my first visit to Primrose hill. With time in hand and no one waiting for my arrival I decided to walk to Little Venice which was about 30 min. walk from Primrose hill, that’s when I chanced upon this serene walkway… Quaint, charming and oh so green! Just the kind of place that will make you feel at peace with oneself despite all the worries.

Ideal for walking/ jogging and cycling.

Which is your most favourite walkway in London/ the place of your choice.